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By Mudasir (Journalist of Explore Bandung Magazine, October 2013)


The tourism sector in Bandung has progressed significantly over the past several years, but has now been hampered by the lack of infrastructure facilities particularly roads, which could not accommodate the acceleration in the number of vehicles, causing traffic jams everywhere, which in turn has undermined the image of Bandung as a tourist destination. Increasing number of visitors have complained about the heavy traffic jams in Bandung, prompting some holiday goers particularly from the Greater Jakarta Area to look for other alternative destinations.This was said by Dr. H Encep Syarief Nurdin, Head of the STIEPAR YAPARI AKTRIPA, a tourism academy in Bandung, during an interview with Explore Bandung at this office.

STIEPAR was set up on August 17. 1962, in response to the growing need at the time for tourist guides in Bandung particularly after the West Java provincial capital held the Asia Africa  Conference in 1955, explained Encep, who was born on June 18, 1961. Since then, STIEPAR has been producing human resources needed by the tourism sector both the industry players such as hotels, travel agencies, airports, airlines, and government institutions at tourism department offices throughout the country including at provincial and regency levels.

“Therefore, the graduates of STIEPAR are scattered from Sabang to Merauke including Timor Leste, “Encep said proudly.He hopes that the graduate of the tourism high school can produce human resources for the sector who not only have strong technical skills, but also good human skill, decision skill, and hospitality so that the graduates of STIEPAR can become truly essential for the tourism sector both industry players and government institutions.

One of the competitiveness of STIEPAR is that since early on, the academy provides its students with general technical knowledge about tourism, as compared to other tourism school which are more focused on specialized programs. For example, at STIEPAR’s Hotel Program, Students are required to master technical skills in areas of front office, housekeeping, kitchen, pastry, etc. “While other (tourism) high school are more specialized, STIEPAR covers all aspects, “Encep said.

In dealing with competition with other tourism schools, the academician whose hobbies are reading and keeping ornamental fish claimed quality, while maintaining relatively affordable tuition fees. In fact, students from the middle to low income families can study at STIEPAR, wgich provides quality learning process, equipped with quality learning tools and facilities such front office, housekeeping, kitchen, and quite a large and advance lab.

STIEPAR has three programs: Hotel, Tourism Travel, and Tourism Management, the last of which is a bachelor degree (S1) program, while the fisrt two are diploma programs. At Tourism Travel Program, student learn courses such as ticketing, tourism travel design, guiding technique, and mastering of airline system software auch as the one applied at the country’s flag carrier Garuda Indonesia.

In addition, there is also a course called Tourism Destination Development Planning, which would allow graduates to become consultant tourist destinations, which is required by local governments wishing to develop their respective tourist destination potentials. To help further develop the tourism industry in the city of Bandung, according to Encep, who has worked at STIEPAR for 24 years, the only way is to further promote the city’s cultural-related attractions such as arts, and the creative industries considering that it does not have attractive natural spots.

He added that heritage or old buildings from the Dutch Colonial era could become an attractive tourist object particularly for tourists from Europe especially from the Netherlands as many of their grandparents stayed in Bandung at the time, which provides opportunities to capitalize on the historical emotions and lure tem to visit Bandung.

Finally Encep hopes that the graduates of STIEPAR could provide meaningful contributions to people and the tourism sector in particular.

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